Gain a Fair Advantage by Mastering Skills NOW that Most Only Develop Months or Years Into Their Residencies

Access Accredited Online Courses and Simulation Tools for Students Pursuing a Career in Medicine.

The medical field is incredibly competitive and good grades alone are no longer enough to get you into med-school. Extra courses, volunteering at a hospital, and conducting research projects are some of the ways you can stand out from the crowd.

Future Doctors Academy will give you the tools you need to maximize your chances and enjoy yourself along the way.

Courses are divided into sections each containing a teaching lesson followed by one or more practical projects. You will really benefit from the knowledge but an added advantage comes from practicing the medical skills in a simulation setting so that you don’t have to practice on people.

For Example:

  • Learn how to set a broken bone for various types of fractures
  • Learn how to suture wounds on multi-layered, highly realistic artificial skin and learn which suturing technique is best for which type of injury
  • Practice drawing blood and learn how to pin point blood vessels even when they’re stubbornly hard to find
  • Practice controlling and stopping a life-threatening bleed pouring out at 120/80 (or higher) mmHg
  • Learn how to scrub for surgery and master the key subject of Sterility and Asepsis
  • Learn how to conduct a professional research study
  • Discover how to lower your medico-legal risks and improve your success in private practice by mastering Behavioral Science
  • And so much more…

Once you have completed a course you may choose to pay an accreditation fee and receive a certificate accredited by IELA (International E-Learning Association). These certificates look amazing on your wall but are even better as additions to your medical school application.

You are free to complete all the courses on offer here at Future Doctors Academy and receive a different certificate for each one.

Enjoy Access to Monthly Online Workshops Presented by a Surgeon…

  • Learn and practice medical skills like suturing and receive live feedback on your efforts.
  • Enjoy extremely interesting and detailed visual case-study presentations containing material not covered in the Future Doctors Academy courses.
  • Interact and have your questions answered live.
  • Receive a special certificate reserved for workshop participants.

If you have your mind set on a medical career and you’re serious about it, you’re at the right place and we’re here for you. The Apprentice Corporation’s Future Doctors Academy has helped thousands of young people achieve their dream. If you want, we’d like to do the same for you!

Future Doctors Academy (TT)Future Doctors Academy (TT)Future Doctors Academy (TT)
Future Doctors Academy (TT)Future Doctors Academy (TT)Future Doctors Academy (TT)

“Good Afternoon Dr. Scheepers,

I actually did plan on framing my certificates… I’m just trying to take advantage of my access to every course and gather as much experience as I can from this amazing opportunity! When I frame and hang my certificates on my wall, I will definitely make sure to send you a picture of my collection. I would love to help inspire as many people as possible to enroll in the Future Doctors Academy courses. Thanks again!

M. McNeil”

Register Below…

After registering, enroll in a course…

  • Use proper capitalization as this is how it will appear on your certificate should you choose to become certified.

  • If you bought a sim kit but didn't receive an order reference or unique kit code, go to the menu and Get In Touch to ensure you receive your certification. If you don't own a kit leave the field empty, but you will not receive certification.

  • e.g. GP, Dental, Nursing, Physician Assistant, EMT, Physiotherapy, Pediatrics, etc)

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  • - Future Doctors Academy`s courses do NOT qualify or license you as a medical professional. You need to pass government-prescribed training and register with the relevant governmental medical/healthcare regulatory bodies before you can legally treat patients.


    - The course material is not intended as medical advice to any individual for any specific medical problem or condition. Consult your doctor or relevant healthcare professional for any advice regarding any medical disease or condition.


    - The Apprentice Corporation / Future Doctors Academy will not take any responsibility whatsoever regarding the use or misuse of the information contained in any of the Future Doctors Academy courses. Click here to see our full terms and conditions.


    - Only one person per profile/account is allowed. Schools, colleges, universities, please have each student create their own account. If duplicate log-ins are detected, the account will be suspended.


    By continuing beyond this point, you acknowledge that you have read the above directives, you agree to abide by them, and you will not hold the Apprentice Corporation accountable for any consequences resulting from not doing so.

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