The Future Doctors Academy 2020 Summer-Fall Online, Distance Learning High School/Premed Program

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10-19 August 2020

 Designed for aspiring future medical professionals in Grade 11, 12, as well as premed years 1-4

Attention all aspiring medical professionals in grade 10-12 and premeds at any level!

Program Information:

Setting: A combination of online guidance and off-line learning

Type: Online Distance Learning

Classification: Accredited Medical and Surgical Skills Program

Dates: 10-19 August 2020

Booking status: OPEN – Accepting Registrations

Registrations close: 31 July 2020

Eligibility: High School students in Grade 10 to 12 and students at premed years 1-4 levels.

Program fee: $495 (payable on receiving ‘acceptance to program’ notification, and no later than 1 August 2020)

The fee includes the following:

  1. The For Future Doctors Course and Medical Kit as well as other medical items.

2. A professional medical grade FDA approved finger Pulse Oximeter

3. Access to the accredited Future Doctor Academy Online Course material.

4. Tuition (The Future Doctors Academy Foundation Course): Eight days of packed medical tuition, including multiple practical sessions and workshops.

5. The Future Doctors Academy’s accredited certificate.

Note: students who have their own Future Doctors Kits qualify for a $50 discount

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Perform > 50 fun Practical Projects at home and gain dozens of medical skills!

The Future Doctors Academy Foundation Medical Course and associated Apprentice Doctor® Medical Kit:

  • Offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of medicine.
  • Promote the concept of taking responsibility for one’s health.
  • May very well lead to choosing a fulfilling career in one of the numerous fields of modern medicine.

After completing The Future Doctors Academy Foundation Medical Course, students should have a good understanding of:

  • An understanding of medical ethics
  • The importance of taking a thorough medical history
  • The basic principles of conducting a medical examination
  • An understanding of how to use several medical instruments and items
  • The basic human anatomy and physiology of the eleven bodily systems
  • The systematic approach in diagnosing diseases
  • The meaning of multiple medical terms (medical terminology)
  • Various careers in medicine and healthcare

In addition to this, the student will have the following healthcare/medical skills:

Hand Hygiene

  • Hand washing
  • Applying alcohol hand-rub
  • Donning and doffing gloves

Distinguish between normal and abnormal bodily sounds

  • Heart sounds
  • Gastro-intestinal sounds
  • Respiratory sounds
  • Joint sounds

The student will be able to assess a patient’s vitals

  • Heat rate
  • Body temperature
  • Respiratory rate
  • Blood pressure

The student will be able to examine various bodily parts

  • The eye
  • The ear
  • The skin, hair, and nails
  • The mouth

The student will be able to elicit neurological reflexes

  • The Patellar Reflex
  • The Babinski reflex
  • The Pupil-light reflex

Other medical skills (perform and interpret)

  • Urinalysis
  • Pulse Oximetry

The student will have a working understanding of the following topics

  • The body’s water balance
  • The basic principles of airway management
  • Emergency medicine and trauma
  • Burn injuries
  • Growths (tumors)
  • Several metabolic diseases
  • Many infectious diseases

Proposed Program Schedule:


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Successful candidates will receive a letter of acceptance per email – as per application form.

Accreditation and Endorsements:

  • Future Doctors Academy is an initiative of The Apprentice Corporation.
  • The Apprentice Corporation is a member of IELA (The International E-Learning Association)

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Students proudly showing their Future Doctors Academy certificates!

Terms and conditions:

Important: The selection of individual students is solely the judgement of the Apprentice Doctor® or person/s appointed by the Apprentice Doctor® for the purpose of selecting applicants. The decision regarding the selection or rejection of specific applicants is final and NO discussion will be accepted/entertained in this regard.

As the Apprentice Doctor® – Future Doctors Programs are very popular and oversubscribed – we simply accept a limited number of applications and regretfully even some great applications could very well be in the not-accepted category.

Cancellations: Cancellations before 31 July 2020 full refund less the registration fee of $50. Cancellations after 1 August 2020 – NO REFUND (judgement of the organizers will apply in cases of serious illness and death in the family).

Meet your Future Doctor Academy 2020 Online Program Team:

Dr Anton Scheepers Dr Friedrich M Dexter
Dr Anton Scheepers

Your international program host

Practicing O&MF Surgeon

Director of the Future Doctors Academy

Proferssor Chishimba Nathan Mowa BVM, MVM, PhD

Acting Dean of the Future Doctors Academy

ASU, Boone, NC

Dr Dexter Frederick MD

Academic advisor

Director of the B.E.S.T. Academy

Tampa FL

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