Live, Online, Practical, and Interactive Zoom Program for Aspiring Medical Professionals in Grades 10 – 12, and Pre-Med Years 1 – 4

19-28 July 2021

Program Information

  • Presented by: The Apprentice Doctor® in association with the BEST Academy, Tampa FL
  • Region/Time zone: USA and Canada – Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • Setting: At home or in small groups at informal venues (local pandemic directives apply)
  • Type: A combination of virtual (Zoom) and Synchronized Online Distance Learning (On your own)
  • Classification: Certified Medical and Surgical Skills Program
  • Dates: July 19 – 28, 2021
  • Booking status: Open
  • Registrations: RSVP Below
  • Eligibility: Apprentice Doctor Bundle Kit Owners (Envision Experience participants)
  • Program fee: Complimentary based on above eligibility criterion


Program Schedule

Program Leader:

Dr Anton Scheepers
Dr Anton Scheepers

Practicing O&MF Surgeon

Director of The Apprentice Doctor and Future Doctors Academy


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This offer is only free for Apprentice Doctor Bundle Simulation Kit owners (Envision Experience). There are limited free slots available so please don’t delay.

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